Hal Riegger NCat Photos

1. Scratch built (award winning) Sacramento Northern #401 on NCat module. Both by Hal Riegger, #401 operates with either pan or trolley pole.

2. Scratch built brass New Haven electric. NCat module by Bob Fabris, loco by Hal Riegger

3. On Hal Riegger's incomplete home layout. From L. to R.: Scratch built Sacramento Northern #410, pan equipped, by Hal Riegger; Scratch built generic steeple cab; Heavy Electric (Kato EF-70 repainted and equipped with operating pans and reversible, constant headlights.

4. On Hal Riegger's incomplete home layout, From L. to R : BM&LP scratch built electric; scratch built generic steeple cab; SN #410

5. On Kirk Reddie's NCat module, Eugene NTRAK/NMRA convention. Scratch built (award winning) brass Milwaukee box cabs, built by Hal Riegger

6. Scratch built Norfolk & Western side rodder electric by Hal Riegger running under NCat type overhead system.

7. New Haven brass scratch built ( see #2) on Hal Riegger's unfinished Penn Valley & Sierra Western home layout.

8. Scratch built Sacramento Northern #410 (see #4) on module under NCat type overhead system.

9. MWSL powered Western Railcraft brass unit built from kit. Trolley pole operation only.

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