This is a running commentary on my experiences from assembling a Western Railcraft Kit
The instructions said Super Glue(ACC) should be used but  I thought Soldering would make a stronger more durable model.
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List of Stuff used
Radio Shack Torch -  
*Tix Solder #17110  
*Tix Flux #17111  
*Clamp   #60929  
*Clamp   #14532  
*Clamp   #14533  
Steel Wool  
60/40 Solder  
*Soldering Pad #70220  
*Micro-Mark Part

First attempt at soldering -
My analysis of the instructions and photos, indicated that the doors should be recessed but the opening was the same width as the door leaving no material to attached the doors in a recessed position as is the door in the baggage section. Yhis worked OK except the solder flowed onto the front.

 New Procedure
Using strip on rear of piece so solder wouldn't flow to front
Note the assortment of clamps

Close up of solder job before cleanup

Final after clean up

Ready for sub assembly

Closeup of jig to solder
Used normal solder for the assembly of the doors and used Low-tempature Tix Solder for the subassembly. This assured that the other solder wouldn't be affected when the sides were assembled

Finished assembly - The jig worked out OK

Another view

Radio Shack Brand Propane torch

Tix Flux

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