Kato Shorty B  Power Chassis

A power chassis for Bandai’s “B Train Shorty"


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107_1.JPG (108435 bytes) Kato Shorty B Power Chassis. 11-107
Bandai.jpeg (32453 bytes) What is a Bandai’s “B Train Shorty" ?

 picture from the following site:
107_5.JPG (149624 bytes)  What's under that gray cover? - . The shell appears to provide a force that keeps the motor in place against the springing of the power contacts for the motor.
107-10.jpg (81405 bytes) Also attached to the gray cover is a SMALL weight.
107_9.JPG (92706 bytes) The dimensions from the back of the package, if I've wetted your appetite?

Link to more info on Kato site:




An  Application I for the Shorty B

Using the chassis to repower a Kato Steeple Cab


107_2.JPG (106983 bytes) Looks like it should fit
107_3.JPG (130250 bytes) In fact the offset of the shell provides a place for the gray cover to slide into
107_6.JPG (162280 bytes) Removed the clips for the Shorty shell and trimmed the opening in the lower  part of the shell. The shell now slides pretty well down onto the chassis, but hits the gray cover.
107_7.JPG (195397 bytes) Another view - Will experiment how much of the gray cover can be removed and still operate satisfactorily
107-11.jpg (62265 bytes) The gray cover hits the slopping ends of the shell 
107-12.jpg (46721 bytes) Removed the weight and cut the gray cover back to the wide paet of the cover plus a little extra.
107-13.jpg (78941 bytes) The shell no sits down all but an 1/8 inch. This is about as far as it will go as the shell is now sitting on the gray cover.
107-15.jpg (74880 bytes) Even with this elevation of the shell the engine still has that squat look when coupled up to a 40ft box
107-17.jpg (83782 bytes) Can see it already pulling that way freight under catenary!
107-16.jpg (13215 bytes)  Just a few words about the original weight  and the need for weight. The original weight did not register on my postage scale (2 lbs full scale) with out any weight the engine barely moves itself. As a test I taped a 1/2 once weight on the engine and it ran well. So this will be the challenge of all users of this chassis
bracing.jpg (23296 bytes) Tried to assembly the shell without the gray chassis cover - the angle bracing on the chassis interferes with the shell  sitting any lower. Hesitate in removing the protruding plastic as the chassis would probably loose it's horizontal rigidness.
pe-11-107_2.jpg (138822 bytes) Popped on another shell already set up with a trolley pole. Otherwise the chassis cover edges were  painted to help disguise the space between chassis and shell. 
pe_1small.jpg (43561 bytes) The removing of PART of the channels turned out Not to be an issue. The push outs of the cab area again saved the day. The Stiffner only has to be removed to the center part of the frame. Twists come to the rescue to keep it together.
bracecut.jpg (23874 bytes) Illustration of were to cut back to.
pe_2small.jpg (32617 bytes) The shell now sits well down on the chassis - Now to figure how to keep it on. 

NOTE:  The mounting tabs on the front & rear of the shell are protruding through the chassis interfering with the trucks.  Not a real problem but till the shell mounting is resolved wasn't going to chop off the tabs.

DSCF0011.AVI (661594 bytes)

See a Movie of the my PE Steeple Cab

AVI format 660 KBytes

Sorry about the quality, but........................


shorty_stepple_final.jpg (40752 bytes) Final Product

The shell all the way down onto the chassis with the gray cover fully removed - a bit of a challenge to keep the motor in position when assembling, but worth the effort
A Neat looking Steeple cab for switching - but don't expect a lot of pulling power - In fact has a bit of a problem overcoming the friction of  just its trolley pole!!!




Application II for the Shorty B

Using the chassis to Create at Runaway Caboose

Image18.jpg (20965 bytes) We will power a LifeLike NE Steel Caboose
(The photo is of an Unmodified caboose, didn't take an pics of the N&W before I started the conversion)
Image2.jpg (11895 bytes) Disassemble by pulling out the pins holding the trucks
Remove the shell by pressing together the tabs protruding beneath the chassis and gently pulling the shell away from the chassis
Image29.jpg (11494 bytes) Use the weight in the chassis as a guide to assist in cutting the chassis or just remove the weight and then cut the end platforms off the chassis just to the interior side of the slot where the tab protruded through - the picture is the part that will be discarded
Image14.jpg (16378 bytes) Glue the end platforms back onto the shell using the slot as a mounting point
Image6.jpg (10402 bytes) You need to shorten the power chassis a bit - cut the ends back to the  point  were the chassis doesn't have a hole in the front
Image8.jpg (30351 bytes) The Power chassis will not just slip onto the caboose chassis - You can mount plastic strips to the side of the shell that will use the mounting tabs located on the power chassis
Image23.jpg (14549 bytes) A side by side comparison of the before and after

Now you have a neat unique model to surprise and confuse folks at your next operating session or NTrak show


DSCF0006.AVI (661112 bytes) See a Movie of the Run Away Caboose

AVI format 660 KBytes

Sorry about the quality, but........................

  How about RePowering a Bachmann Brill
shorty_trolley.jpg (52106 bytes) A Simply conversion all that is needed is to cement 4 mounting tabs on the shell
  Not under Wire  - But, A Neat 'Shorty' Project
GE44ton23.jpg (41646 bytes)
 Randall Gustafson
Warren, PA


GE44ton25.jpg (79612 bytes) Randall Gustafson
Warren, PA

The Kato Shorty B
 Box Motor Project


Will continue to update these projects - 
Keep checking back on it's progress

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