Kato Pocket Steeple Cab Conversion to Pantograph or Trolley Pole


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Pocket1.JPG (69320 bytes) Locate a Kato Pocket Steeple Cab engine. 
Pocket2.JPG (57920 bytes) That may be the hardest part of the conversion 
pocketpole1.jpg (53836 bytes) Make sure it runs satisfactorily before proceeding - The modification will void the warranty 
Pocket3.JPG (99768 bytes) The plastic pantograph pops off 
Pocket4.JPG (93896 bytes) with a little gentle tilting
Pocket5.JPG (72920 bytes) and is easily removed
Pocket6.JPG (66212 bytes) The cab also pops off  buy  lifting one side a bit
Pocket7.JPG (71136 bytes) You can now paint the shell per your desired tastes so it will dry while working on the power chassis
Pocket9.JPG (62768 bytes) Remove the white clip that is above the metal strips running to the motor brushes. It just pops out and the capacitor will come with it. DON'T LOOSE THE CLIP
Pocket10.JPG (87168 bytes) Carefully unbend one of the metal strips from the strips running the length of the chassis . This will isolate one lead of the motor.
Pocket11.JPG (63096 bytes) Reinsert the plastic clip where it was removed from with the capacitor reinstalled
Pocket12.JPG (101616 bytes) Carefully Solder a short length of wire to the strip of metal you just isolated. 

 For Trolley Pole Jump Down

Pocket13.JPG (314689 bytes) Mount your NCat pantograph to the roof. 
Pocket14.JPG (58404 bytes) Connect the other end of the wire to one of the pantograph mounting screws threading the wire through one of the slots in the lower part of the shell. (or drill a hole in the corner if that works better for you in adding weight see next step)
Pocket15.JPG (97400 bytes) Trim a 1/2oz stick'em weight so it will fit the the cab area of the shell. The extra weight will drastically improve the units performance.
Pocket16.JPG (319782 bytes) Add another piece to your roster of pantograph powered engines

Please excuse the quickie paint job, needed a few quick additions to my rooster for a show 



pocketpole2.jpg (26460 bytes) You must fill in the mounting holes  form the plastic pantograph
pocketpole3.jpg (45400 bytes) P.E. Model Supply Trolley Pole Kit
pocketpole4.jpg (26752 bytes) Trolley Pole and mounting bracket
pocketpole5.jpg (22856 bytes) Drill a 1/16" hole in the center of the cab roof. The mounting bracket must be shortened to fit in the roof area.  Connect the wire from the mounting bracket to the motor tab as in the pantograph installation.
pocketpole3a.jpg (16788 bytes) The extra length of the mounting stem can be handled in several manners. What I decided to do was to shift the post  position on mounting bracket. I did this by heating the assembly with a soldering iron till the solder was molten then to apply some pressure on the post, so it would slide down.  To facilitate this I used a block of wood with a hole in it as a work area
pocketpole4a.jpg (39504 bytes) This caused the post to extend further in the cab area so I also drilled a hole in the weight to allow room.
pocketpole6a.jpg (30140 bytes) Another piece to add to your roster of  engines converted to trolley pole




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