Dedication to Hal Riegger

July 21, 1913-December 8, 2005



Hal was a respected potter, teacher and author of several books on ceramics when he became interested in N-scale model railroading in the early 1970's. He was responsible for developing practical, affordable live overhead operation in N-scale. Scratch-building trolley poles, hangers (ears), and stringing wire over tracks on his home layout, he was soon operating his kit-bashed Japanese and German electric locomotives with pantographs and trolley poles that he designed and built.

By the late 1970's his how-to articles in the NMRA Bulletin, Model Railroader, and Railroad Model Craftsman, as well as his prize-winning, scratch-built electric N-scale locomotives established him as the guru of N-scale live overhead operation.

Hal used the N-Cat Newsletter as a means of communication. Many a detailed, personally-typed letter went out to those of us who had questions. One such response to me led to a 23 year friendship, which included several visits between each other's homes in Northern California (Hal) and Hawaii (me). I still think of him puttering about his funky old Western Pacific maintenance of way bunk cars that housed his shop, model railroad, and guest room. He never did get rid of the spiders and mice in the tunnels!

We dedicate this volume to our good friend and mentor, Hal Riegger. We miss you, Hal.

Jim Blattau

November 19, 2008



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