Box Motor
Kato Shorty B  Power Chassis
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BoxCab01.JPG (28981 bytes) Tom Savage
MDC Shorty  
Box Motor - Awaiting Poles
BoxCab02.JPG (23925 bytes) Tom Savage
MDC Shorty  
Box Motor - Awaiting Poles
Finished?  Box Motor on the Red Line 
Capitol Limited 2004
Chantilly , Va

See More photos of the Box Motor In Action 

boxcab_update_0.JPG (31324 bytes) Got the Trolley Poles Tracking quite reliably on my NCat loop.
Will connect the decoder to the overhead when doing the Lights
boxcab_update_2.JPG (14730 bytes) Hope this poor quality picture gives some indication of the light output of this Surface Mount 603 LED. After trying to solder to it, I'll never say anything about  soldering catenary. The Led is about the size of the standard light hole on the Brill trolley shell. Will be installing the LEDs in the BoxCab as soon as my Pacer Formula 560 Canopy Glue Arrives. 

Link to Richmond Controls 

smd0603.jpg (26248 bytes) Some details about the size of the LEDs
SMT_LED.JPG (35229 bytes) A picture of just how small a 603 smt led is!!!!
(This is the back of the led showing the solder connections)
BC9a.JPG (15757 bytes) If I had to do it again would work out another technique to mount the Bachmann Brill ends as access to the light hole is extremely limited
BC13a.JPG (20661 bytes) Test Light of the SMT Led in the Box Motor
BC19a.JPG (21904 bytes) The SMR Leds are great they have a wide viewing angle

If you have a project with the Shorty B
Please share a picture of it !!

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